At the Moment: Asian American News

On the Shoulders of Giants: Queer/Trans Asian Legacies in the US

Episode Summary

We discuss Asian American queer and trans activism. Hosted by Sylvia Peng and Janrey Serapio, “At the Moment” is a podcast where we explore Asian American as a term, identity, and political movement.

Episode Notes

Our host Janrey and reporter Sahil explore the long history of Asian American queer and trans activism. We begin by talking about some queer and trans activists in US history such as Crystal Jang, Kiyoshi Kuromiya, and Kitty Tsui. Then, we speak with South Asian activist, writer, and podcaster Priya Arora about queer representation in pop culture, while also recognizing histories within our communities. We also speak with activist Pauline Park about creating queer community spaces beginning in the mid-90s and rethinking identity. Finally, Janrey and Sahil reflect on their ancestral lineages, rediscovering queerness in pre-colonial cultures, and reclaiming their identities.

Our guests this week were Priya Arora (@thepriyaarora on Twitter and Instagram) and Pauline Park (@paulinepark on Twitter).

Listen to our previous episode on anti-Asian hate, Ep. 4 What You Need to Know About Anti-Asian Violence.

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